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Recommended accommodations in Sithonia.

Easily find the best hotels, apartments and rooms in Sithonia at the best prices.

In Sithonia you can find very reasonably priced accommodation of all types and styles, from apartments by the sea front , hotels for all preferences and wallets, offering you the best possible way to make your stay in our beautiful peninsula to be unforgettable.

Choose services and amazing complexes, stay with all the comforts in hotels on the sea equipped with gyms and spa, or choose a studio apartment of a family business, so you can experience the return to nature, Sithonia Halkidiki has definitely give you what you want and maybe more.

Whatever you want, mountain or beautiful beaches, shady and cool mountain paths or secret hidden coves, surely you can find in Sithonia. We are waiting for this summer ...





Recommended accommodations Selected recommended hotels in Sithonia peninsula!

Popular beaches

Look for the secret that elusive Tigania beach, next to the beach in Kriaritsi of Sykia. It's about a few brave that do not hesitate to seek out .. You will find it?
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Historically one of the loveliest beaches in Chalkidiki, Kalamitsi wins every year more and more visitors who enjoy its unique beach ...
A beach that is hidden in a wide valley in Sykia area, sun umbrellas and great views to a beautiful beach ..
Will difficult, I will afflict .. but will eventually reward you with a golden sandy beach, crystal clear waters that unique landscape ... Whoever went once in Agridia he stuck ...
In Sithonia entering a magical beach is waiting ...

In the spirit of adventure

Explore Sithonia's sea and coastal experiences, unique nature and