Porto Koufo

Porto Koufos the port of Sithonia.

The natural harbor of Porto Koufos to the sight of a charm.

The sight of the harbor from above is unique, huge rocks rising above a bay, which looks incredible with lake, since the very small opening to the sea is barely visible.


θέα του λιμανιού στο πόρτο κουφό

The headland behind the rocks of the bay was named in antiquity Derris. Porto Koufos was the ancient Toronaios haven, a safe anchorage for ships Toronian.

The port still maintains its ancient name, since by then called Deaf port, because the ancients claimed that whoever is inside the vagina not hear any noise of the sea. Even using the port as a metaphor for everything that is not listening well say that it is "kofoteros the Deaf (Toroneos) port."

Porto Koufos is the safest and largest natural port in northern Greece and is almost always packed with all kinds of boats.
Today is a quiet little fishing village that smells fresh fish.

During your stay , do not forget to visit the fish taverns in the port.