Other settlements in ancient Sithonia

Other settlements in Sithonia

Organized settlements in Sithonia existed in classical and Roman periods , especially on the coast , where they have identified residues homes in Elia , St George 's castle and the Lagomandra . The area between the castle and Saint John is the winner of today as very probable site of the ancient city of Galipsos referred to by Herodotus . Roman writers mention the city Fyskella in the region. The Leake argues that this is the same city . The change was required because there was another town Galipsos relatively short distance east of the mouth of the river Strymon . However, the name " Fyskella " is Thracian and rather earlier than ' Galipsos "if we consider that the Thracians inhabited the Halkidiki before settlers from southern Greece . In any case, there seems to be continuous habitation of the area in antiquity.