Crossing of Dragounteli


An original naturalistic event, which offers an opportunity for hundreds of walkers, cyclists and horse riders to cross the beautiful mountains of Sithonia Dragounteli and discover unique natural beauties along the 8 stages, is "Pass Dragounteli." Every October, when the summer heat has subsided and nature bows to the autumn breeze, the Cultural Association "Parthenon" of Marmara and Benefit Municipal Sithonia, under the auspices of the Municipality of Sithonia organize this wonderful event, which Participation is free for all visitors. Sithonia olotrogyra which is surrounded by two bays, the Siggitiko and Toroneos, and has a beautiful mountain, which visitors can learn about participating in this event. Furthermore, Dragounteli encounters unique in Greece tree 'insolent, located on the mountain for 2000 years and is a protected monument. Participants in the event, after completing their course in their tracks, gathered in the village square stone Parthenon and take part in large feast.