Accommodation in Sithonia

Accommodation in Sithonia (13/191)

Hotels, apartments and rooms in Sithonia

Choose the most suitable accommodation that suits your needs through the best hotels, rooms and apartments, from Nikiti and the Marmara up to the Sykia and Sarti.

Camping in Sithonia

Camping in Sithonia (0/11)

Choose camping through the best of Sithonia.

Sithonia is a paradise for nature lovers and for this reason collects more campsites than any other region of Greece.

Beaches of Halkidiki

Beaches of Halkidiki (3/44)

The peninsula of Chalkidiki with three legs forming the trident of Poseidon with a coastline that consists of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Greece.

The turquoise waters of the coast combined with the green of the pine trees that reach up to the edge of the wave creates the unique beauty that characterizes the peninsula and not encounter anywhere else in the world.

Beautiful beaches with fine golden sand that does not stick to the body and wonderfully clear waters await you on the beaches of Halkidiki, the only thing you have to do is to discover ....

Taverns in Sithonia

Taverns in Sithonia (8/45)

Find the best restaurants and taverns in Sithonia and enjoy unique flavors of the local cuisine with fish and meat.

Cafe and Bars

Cafe and Bars (5/20)

Entertainment in Sithonia not stand the day to night, from start ttin beach in your favorite beach bar and continue to coffee later and later with the club crazy rhythms and cheery world all around you.

The morning finds you on the beach to enjoy your breakfast if you bear you continue the cycle again from there.

Anyway your choices are more than you can enjoy!

Villages and Settlements of Halkidiki

Villages and Settlements of Halkidiki (4/37)

Villages and settlements in Chalkidiki, for information on how to get to them with maps and useful information.

Cruises in Sithonia

Cruises in Sithonia (0/5)

Daily Cruises to Mount Athos from the bay Virgin Sarti and Sykia and the Toroneos gulf from Neo Marmara.
Walking Routes

Walking Routes (0/5)

The ideal way to see an area is walking.
Landscapes of unique beauty unfold before you every step of filling your lungs the perfumed air of nature and mind with incredible images of natural beauty.
Sithonia has several marked paths and trails that delight the senses, especially in spring when you can experience the sights, sounds and smells of nature.

Bike routes

Bike routes (0/4)

Sithonia ideal for cycling routes both seaside and in mountain trails. It is a test for cyclists and nature lovers with varying degrees of difficulty and passes through unique sites.

Sithonia offers the mountainous terrain tracks and can satisfy the most demanding of some of the most difficult in the whole Greece.

Diving centers

Diving centers (0/11)

Dive into the crystal clear waters of Sithonia. Discover the underwater world of Halkidiki and experience the magic of unique beauty.

In Sithonia you will find many diving centers .

Market and shops

Market and shops (2/5)

The Sithonia peninsula has a great abundance of shops and local flea markets for your shopping.

The Sithonia market can offer everything and at very good prices.

Monuments and sites in Sithonia

Monuments and sites in Sithonia (0/22)

A quick tour of archaeological sites and monuments of Sithonia in Halkidiki.

Endless coasts, unique archaeological sites, monuments passed unscathed through the time and many undiscovered treasures create a magical and wild Sithonia.

Conference Centres  in Halkidiki

Conference Centres in Halkidiki (0/5)

Conference Centres map of Halkidiki. In toronaios directory you can find all the Conference Centres  in Halkidiki. A list of Conference Centres with the list of features and the map location.

Virtual Sithonia 360

Virtual Sithonia 360 (0/20)

Virtual tour 360 panorama of the peninsula of Sithonia

The peninsula of Sithonia has a rare beauty landscapes and sites that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Enjoy this unique journey in the wonderful Sithonia in Halkidiki through virtual tours with 360-degree panorama.

Panoramic photography in a magical place.

Sithonia Travel Tips

Sithonia Travel Tips (7/97)

Some hints and tips for those of you who want to come to Sithonia, to know where to find gas stations, pharmacies, health centers and all the items you may need during the period of your stay in Halkidiki.

Churches and chapels

Churches and chapels (0/6)

Chalkidiki has to present outstanding examples from churches and chapels that were built and maintained by the previous centuries.

With handmade wooden dashboard and unique historical images, temples and churches of Halkidiki is unique and beautiful and will definitely amaze you.

Monasteries of Mount Athos

Monasteries of Mount Athos (0/8)

There are 20 monasteries on Mount Athos prohibited be varied.
They are large complex buildings surrounded by strong town wall with main feature of the tower with battlements and turrets that help in the removal of pirates and conquerors to the seaside main monasteries.
We have two kinds of monasteries:
a) The Royal called so either because their establishment was ordered and assistance of Byzantine Emperors or why ratified by imperial bull,
b) The Patriarchal and Stavropegic because linked to the Patriarchate Istanbul / town made their spiritual more supervision (Patriarchal) and the cross that placed the Patriarch or a bishop on the foundations before their Establishment (Stavropegic).

Museums and Folklore centers

Museums and Folklore centers (0/7)

Visit the museums and folklore centers of Halkidiki and learn about the history and culture that flourished from the depths of time up to the present day in Chalkidiki.

Travelling in Sithonia

Travelling in Sithonia (0/11)

Discovering the magic around the second leg of Halkidki.


The blue and deep green, endless beaches and fragrant pine trees that surround the waves.

The smell of
resin and sea water, the cool sea breeze and the morning sunlight peeping behind Athos ...

A unique
combination in the whole world ...

, our wild beauty unfold through the wanderings of kilometers of asphalt and dirt road in places that few people had the chance to see.

we enter into the second leg and the first time changes the feel of the air we breathe, a cool breeze brings the smell of pine in the nose and immediately after we hit the sea breeze.

vivid colors who supposedly inspired by the magic hand of the scatter around composing this magic called it "Sithonia".


Transportation (5/74)

The peninsula of Sithonia has always been here, our issue is how you you will get there, and what ways you will use to travel and discover her.

You can rent a car or bike, you can also travel by bus or taxi, here we will suggest ways and means to transfer you and your movement in the peninsula of Sithonia.