Travelling in SithoniaRSS

Travelling in Sithonia

Discovering the magic around the second leg of Halkidki.


The blue and deep green, endless beaches and fragrant pine trees that surround the waves.

The smell of
resin and sea water, the cool sea breeze and the morning sunlight peeping behind Athos ...

A unique
combination in the whole world ...

, our wild beauty unfold through the wanderings of kilometers of asphalt and dirt road in places that few people had the chance to see.

we enter into the second leg and the first time changes the feel of the air we breathe, a cool breeze brings the smell of pine in the nose and immediately after we hit the sea breeze.

vivid colors who supposedly inspired by the magic hand of the scatter around composing this magic called it "Sithonia".

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Reaching at Porto Koufo

Sithonia, , ,

"Kofos Limin" the most beautiful and safest harbor in Greece. One of the most famous fishing villages and ports of our country with steep and rocky coasts wrap and create the safest place.There, on the rocky shores of open caves that visitors can get eve ...

Reaching at Vourvourou

Sithonia, , ,

Ιf a location could offer sea with the characteristics of a lake, a mountain covered with dense forest green lawn and nine islands visible from the beach, this certainly would be the most beautiful of all and would be "Vourvourou."Located just ten kilomet ...

Reaching at Nikiti

Sithonia, , ,

The entrance to the second leg is a unique experience.Green landscape with the pervasive smell of pine and just get to see it before you turn to Nikiti.Nikiti your rebuilding dilemma.You turn on the mountain or the sea?Whatever option you do it is sure th ...

Reaching at Ormos Panagias

Sithonia, , ,

The Panagia Ormos is a picturesque harbor, just 2.5 km from Agios Nikolaos. Thence departing tourist boats operating daily to circumnavigate the peninsula of Athos, and stopovers in exotic island Ammouliani and Ouranoupolis. Ormos Panagia in nearby Livroh ...

Reaching at Sarti

Sithonia, , ,

After Sykia we meet Sarti, a seaside village built along a large and beautiful beach.It took its name from an ancient city that was probably in the same position.The name "Sarti" is found in Herodotus, who mentions the ancient city station as the campai ...

Reaching at Toroni

Sithonia, , ,

Toroni with enchanting sunset in the world .... After the Marmara and continuing our journey south to the edge of the peninsula we meet Toroni.Along a long beach that leads to the castle Lykithos, the rocky peninsula that by the 11th-8th century. BC was ...

Reaching at Sykia

Sithonia, , ,

At the southeastern end of the peninsula Sithonia after Kalamitsi, is one of the oldest villages of Chalkidiki, Sykia.With a population of more than 3000 inhabitants, is located 160 km from Thessaloniki.Dominant version of the name that is derived from th ...

Reaching at Metagitsi

Sithonia, , ,

Our last stop at the northern limits of the municipality Sithonia, 150 meters from the sea is Metagitsi built where previously was the legendary Assa, one of the greatest cities of Halkidiki. It joins the north and south and it attracts visitors Sithonia. ...

Reaching at Kalamitisi

Sithonia, , ,

Next stop Kalamitsi a summer destination, popular reason of its unique beauty and amazing blue-green waters of.Years is internationally one of the most famous dive sites with underwater landscapes of incredible beauty.Organized missions from many countrie ...

Reaching at Neos Marmaras

Sithonia, , ,

The most cosmopolitan village in Sithonia that uniquely combines the mountain with the sea and nightlife with the relaxed mood on the beaches in the morning.A paved path through the pines runs parallel with the sea that gives the opportunity to enjoy a ro ...

Reaching at Parthenonas

Sithonia, , ,

Parthenon, a journey through time. Leaving for a while Neos Marmaras from the north, continue uphill, overlooking the village and arrive at the crossroads leading to the streets 5 km of the traditional settlement of the Parthenon at an altitude of 350 met ...