Travelling in Sithonia

Travelling in Sithonia


Discover the magic around the second leg of Halkidki.


The blue and deep green, endless beaches and fragrant pine trees that surround the waves.

The smell of
resin and sea water, the cool sea breeze and the morning sunlight peeping behind Athos ...

A unique
combination in the whole world ...

, our wild beauty unfold through the wanderings of kilometers of asphalt and dirt road in places that few people had the chance to see.

we enter into the second leg and the first time changes the feel of the air we breathe, a cool breeze brings the smell of pine in the nose and immediately after we hit the sea breeze.

vivid colors who supposedly inspired by the magic hand of the scatter around composing this magic called it "Sithonia".

We start
our journey from the beginning so ....




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