Reaching at Porto Koufo

"Kofos Limin" the most beautiful and safest harbor in Greece.

One of the most famous fishing villages and ports of our country with steep and rocky coasts wrap and create the safest place.

There, on the rocky shores of open caves that visitors can get even by boat.

Porto Koufos is the largest fishing spot in the area and are equally famous fish taverns who visit even in winter.
In typical hill as we enter the harbor from the left side, the "Antikoufo", there are the remains of fortifications built by the Germans during the Second World War and the underground rooms and decks were rigged firearms.

The point is Ad on foot, 20 minutes walk from the castle Pycnometer, or by boat from the port within.

Leaving the harbor next stop is Kartalia, the southernmost tip of Sithonia, a stunning area of the coast rise vertically to a height of 100 meters.
The name is required to eagles have their nests in the rocks, and that the locals call them Kartalia.

In Porto Koufos try fresh local fish. You will remember for years ..



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