Reaching at Toroni

Toroni with enchanting sunset in the world ....

After the Marmara and continuing our journey south to the edge of the peninsula we meet Toroni.

Along a long beach that leads to the castle Lykithos, the rocky peninsula that by the 11th-8th century. BC was one of the two acropolis of Toroni and developed when the ancient city was fortified with massive walls, extending from antiquity to the present day one of the most beautiful villages.

Toroni is one of the most popular destinations in Sithonia with a pristine beach 2 km long and deep blue waters.

Number of tourist accommodation, rooms and apartments, restaurants and other stores are available to visitors during the summer months.

Particular beyond the famous castle Lykithos is the unic beautiful sunset that is more impressive than that of Santorini, but not as well known.


the most amazing sunset in toroni halkidiki

Worth to see Tristinika where you can drink at coffee bar Ethnik.



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