Arriving at Vourvourou

Traveling to Sithonia - Vourvourou


Sunrise in Vourvourou Sithonia Halkidiki
Sunrise in Vourvourou Sithonia

If a location could offer sea with the characteristics of a lake, a mountain covered with dense forest green lawn and nine islands visible from the beach, this certainly would be the most beautiful of all and would be "Vourvourou."

Located just ten kilometers from Agios Nikolaos, Sithonia peninsula and at first glance, enriches the vision with various images and relaxes the visitor with its natural serenity.

Tourist accommodation in the area, developed along the coast, by the sea, will offer a comfortable and relaxing stay.

Besides the blue waters, fresh fish and homemade food at nearby restaurants, an option offered to the visitor is the boat ride to Diaporos or wonderland islands, located just opposite the village where you will see the clearest and turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and also discover the most isolated beaches of Halkidiki.
With an inflatable or a small boat will have moments that you will never forget.

Walking along the sea will reach the narrow peninsula "Xifara" and then you find yourself in solitary and perhaps most beautiful bay of Chalkidiki, "Karydi".

Those who still nourish a love for the mountains you can follow the mountain trails of Itamos to enjoy the peaks of the majestic bay of Vourvourou and maybe if we are lucky to front and no carefree deer, or distinguished sunny house roofs of St. Nicholas several islands and look your reach to Skyros in the southeast.

Also worth visiting the village of faculty AUTH o which is an exemplary model settlement with respect for the natural environment.



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