Gastronomical Tips - Eat like a local

Eat as a local in the taverns and restaurants of Sithonia

eat like local in taverns of Halkidiki

Things to try beyond the famous dishes of Greek cuisine.

The Greek cuisine became known around the world through the souvlaki, gyros, the moussaka and pastitsio, so visitors and tourists the first thing that ask the waiter when ordering in a restaurant or a restaurant, is one of these dishes end supplement their menus with a horiatiki or a feta.

It happened many times to find myself in a hanging out with friends who come from abroad as tourists always asking for these particular dishes.

Nobody says no need to try, it is good food and very delicious, but in Sithonia cuisine for those who know what they want, has and other flavors, most prestigious and most delicious.


For that in this article will tell you how you can eat like a local.

And somehow we will begin a gastronomic journey to heady and exquisite flavors of mediterranean and Halkidiki cuisine.


Start loosely with a tsipouro.

Because you sat in the chair, does not mean you have to rush to get up already, the food here is pleasure and wants his rhythm.

Do not rush to order your dishes, start loose asking to bring you a tsipouro, you can choose this with anise or without, the Grapa, personally I prefer this with anise, and seek to bring you a "meze" to companied.

Always a TSIPOURO opens the appetite and makes your mood.

For appetizers, ask the waiter to tell you what options you have, from salty and cured as anchovies, Ciro, lakerda, mackerel or smoked mackerel fillet, all of them always depending on your culinary tastes and habits.

Salads and delights

For salads try except the Greek salad and depending on the season you come in Sithonia, a Politiki salad, a spicy salad with cabbage, carrot, red pepper and celery, try beetroot salad with a little garlic in, also if you find seasonal greens worth the try it with lemon or vinegar.

There are salads ointments such as tzatziki, the tyrokafteri and melitzanosalata, most taverns make these salads with their own materials and is delicious.
Something that you can ask if it is a bit unusual, is Kritama salad, a plant that is located beside the sea and is ideal to accompany your tsipouro.

A feta is always the first choice, ask for grilled, or the stoneware Bougiourdi, a choice of several cheeses grilled with tomato and pepper ...

Finally, for a little more eclectic tastes and risky, a grilled hot peppers with olive oil.

If possible ask your bread grilled with little olive oil above and oregano with a bit of salt.

Escape from moussaka

The moussaka is a famous dish of the Greek cuisine for all tourists, do not order it today, let's choose something else ...

There is no reason to take any time a each portion, change tactics, order different dishes for everyone.

After the first tsipouro Order a portion from Mussels Saganaki, select white or red sauce, spicy or not, if you want you can ask and fried mussels are equally delicious.

A very good dish is the saganaki shrimps in red sauce, take plenty of bread and get ready to dive into the sauce, do not hesitate if you want to lick your fingers ...

  If you find dolmadakia homemade, try them with yogurt , Alternate with tzatziki.


Γαριδες σαγανάκι, τοπική κουζίνα χαλκιδικής


Let's spoil our diet

We drank a tsipouro or maybe two, just for appetite, and it's time to change glasses, a cold retsina or wine from barrel comes to give a more refreshing touch to the table.

Along with retsina come the first dishes, grilled meat is an option, the souvlaki is kommon, we can go a bit further by asking a soutzoukaki , in some restaurants chefs are made by themselves , their own recipes, in each case is amazing and very delicious.

You can order pork or goat chops, if you can also be able to find in some restaurants , kontosouvli or goat on the spit, if you can try them all ...










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