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Areas and breathtaking sights in Sithonia

χωριά και οικισμοι στην σιθωνία

The Eastern Sithonia is a paradise that combines mountain and sea climate is temperate.

Παραλίες στην Σιθωνία

The natural environment is spectacular and the beaches are not deceiving expectations. Its shores offer a true paradise for those who love nature.

Archaeological sites.

O prehistoric settlement in the position Cuckoo Sikia Castle pycnometer ancient Toroni ....

Sithonia holds many surprises for those who love to feast and dance, get fun together and you only come .....

ταβέρνες στην σιθωνία

Culinary explorations and wonderful views of our small bays with our amazing restaurants.

Wine dringing by the sea ....

events and partys in sithonia

Bars next to the sea and Clubs for more intense and frantic nights ....


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