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The 10 most beautiful destinations in Sithonia and not only ...


The best way to learn about a region is to talk to you about a resident, maybe that's why I started to write this article that does not just about the ten best and most beautiful destinations in Sithonia but about the whole peninsula .

And that's how we start a quest that we do not know where will end up, but surely we will meet together the beautiful area of ​​the middle leg of Halkidiki ...
It is known that like Halkidiki there is no other place, they sey so all those who have visited it.
It is the trident of Poseidon, the shape of its three peninsulas has given this name and is certainly one of the most beautiful places on Earth.
Each leg is different from the other but what is distinctive is the middle one, Sithonia, not that the two others are lagging behind, but that has something that makes and differs.

Is it the blue-green waters of the sea, the pine trees that reach the wave, is it the wild and intact beauty of nature?
I would say that this is all together and more, I do not want to tell you everything ... I want you to discover it on your own and surely it will take you a long time to discover all that makes it unique. ..
Here I will just give you a little idea of ​​what awaits you as soon as you reach the edge of the peninsula.
It is also known throughout the world that the flora in Sithonia is so rich and unique, you do not meet it in other places, it has as many healing plants as nowhere else.

So we are talking about a blessed place ..
And here we will talk about these beautiful destinations of Sithonia without distinguishing anyone as the best or the best, because every location and destination is unique and you will see its unique character, both from the natural beauty, the architecture of the settlements and also the different character of its inhabitants.
In each of our attitudes and something different, you will appear in front of us, in every location and a new surprise ...

Kalogria Beach

Trani Ammoudia

Tigania beach


Agridia beach

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