Guide of Sithonia

Tourist and business directory of Sithonia

Accommodation in Sithonia

Hotels, apartments and rooms in Sithonia.

Choose the most suitable accommodation that suits your needs through the best hotels, rooms and apartments, from Nikiti and the Marmara up to the Sykia and Sarti.

Where to eat

Restaurants, grills and taverns in Sithonia peninsula.

Find the best taverns in Sithonia Halkidiki and enjoy unique Mediterranean flavors from our local cuisine.

Beaches in Sithonia

The Halkidiki Peninsula with its three legs forms the trident of Poseidon with a coastline that is one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Greece.

Campsites in Sithonia

Sithonia is a paradise for nature lovers

and that is why it gathers most campsites from any other region of Greece.

Entertaiment and beach bars

Fun in Sithonia does not stand out on the day from night, start from the beach,

to your favorite beach bar and keep going where it goes.

Cruises in Sithonia

Cruises to the clear blue sea of Sithonia and its unique beaches.

Daily cruise excursions to Mount Athos and the most beautiful beaches of Sithonia.

Diving Centers

Take dives and lessons in the crystal clear waters of Sithonia.

Discover the submarine world of Halkidiki and experience the magic of unique beauty.

Walking Routes

Routes in the nature of Sithonia and Halkidiki for the friends of the promenade.

The best way to see and get to know an area is to walk it.

Biking routes

Sithonia is ideal for cycling trails both on the seaside and on mountain paths.

It's a test for cyclists and nature lovers with varying degrees of difficulty and passes through unique locations

Traveling in Sithonia

Discover the magic around the second leg of Halkidiki.

The endless blue and deep green, the endless sandy beaches and the fragrant pine trees that embrace the waves.

Villages and sattlements

Discover the traditional villages of Chalkidiki and get to know the local culture and its warm people.

Villages and settlements of Halkidiki, with information on how to reach them.

Monuments and archaeological sites

Endless lacy coasts, unique archaeological sites, unspoiled monuments that have passed through time

and many unexplored treasures make up a magical and wild Sithonia and Halkidiki all.

Traveling tips

Some tips and little secrets for all of you who want to come to Sithonia,

to know where to find gas stations, pharmacies, health centers and all the points you may need during your stay in Halkidiki.

Churches and chapels

Churches and churches of unique beauty in every corner of the peninsula await you to discover.

Discover great examples of temples and chapels built and preserved from previous centuries.

Mount Athos

Monasteries and Monasteries of the Holy Mountain

There are 20 monasteries in Mount Athos which are forbidden to fluctuate. They are large complex buildings surrounded by a strong wall

Museums and Folklore

Museums and Folkloric Centers on the peninsula of Sithonia and Halkidiki.

Visit the Museums and Folkloric Centers of Halkidiki and learn about history and culture

Markets and shopping

In the days of the week in another village everyday outdoor markets are set up with many fresh products, clothing and general commerce.

The market of Sithonia can offer everything at very good prices.

Conference centers

In our list you can find all the Conference Centers in Chalkidiki.

A list of Conference Centers with a list of features and their location on the map.

Transportation in Sithonia

How to get there and how to get to the Sithonia peninsula.

Choose how you will come and how and where to travel to discover her.

Virtual tours

360 panoramic photography and virtual tour from the Sithonia peninsula.

The Sithonia peninsula has a rare beauty of landscapes and locations that you will not meet anywhere else in the world.

Popular destinations

See the most popular destinations in Sithonia

Find out how to find them and information to visit them